n. & v.
1 a an implement consisting of a pole with a crossbar toothed like a comb at the end, or with several tines held together by a crosspiece, for drawing together hay etc. or smoothing loose soil or gravel. b a wheeled implement for the same purpose.
2 a similar implement used for other purposes, e.g. by a croupier drawing in money at a gaming-table.
1 tr. collect or gather or remove with or as with a rake.
2 tr. make tidy or smooth with a rake (raked it level).
3 intr. use a rake.
4 tr. & intr. search with or as with a rake, search thoroughly, ransack.
5 tr. a direct gunfire along (a line) from end to end. b sweep with the eyes. c (of a window etc.) have a commanding view of.
6 tr. scratch or scrape.
Phrases and idioms:
rake in colloq. amass (profits etc.). rake-off colloq. a commission or share, esp. in a disreputable deal. rake up (or over) revive the memory of (past quarrels, grievances, etc.).
raker n.
Etymology: OE raca, racu f. Gmc, partly f. ON raka scrape, rake
n. a dissolute man of fashion.
Phrases and idioms:
rake's progress a progressive deterioration, esp. through self-indulgence (the title of a series of engravings by Hogarth 1735).
Etymology: short for archaic rakehell in the same sense
v. & n.
1 tr. & intr. set or be set at a sloping angle.
2 intr. a (of a mast or funnel) incline from the perpendicular towards the stern. b (of a ship or its bow or stern) project at the upper part of the bow or stern beyond the keel.
1 a raking position or build.
2 the amount by which a thing rakes.
3 the slope of the stage or the auditorium in a theatre.
4 the slope of a seat-back etc.
5 the angle of the edge or face of a cutting tool.
Etymology: 17th c.: prob. rel. to G ragen project, of unkn. orig.

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